Who we are

We are experienced children's editors who have worked with a variety of best-selling authors.

Our passion is for high-quality writing that appeals to children. We have a deep understanding of what agents are looking for (and what they’re NOT looking for), and a wide knowledge of the children’s book market.

Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Sarah is the author of Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-Offs, Elspeth Hart and the Perilous Voyage and Elspeth Hart and the Magnificent Rescue (Stripes).

Previously, Sarah was Senior Editor at Floris Books and Fiction Editor at Scholastic Children’s Books, where she worked with high-profile authors such as Liz Pichon, Karen McCombie and Dan Freedman.

Sarah also spent ten years as a journalist and magazine editor, writing for a wide range of publications, from The Guardian to Mizz magazine.


Sarah is a terrific editor. She understood the story I wanted to tell and helped me make it the best it could be.
Dan Freedman

I absolutely relied on the clear-sightedness and sensitivity of Sarah's editing. She spotted errors and inconsistencies; she honed and improved and encouraged. My books owe her a lot!
Kate Cann

I gained immeasurably from Sarah’s keen editor’s eye, her insight and empathy, and her deep understanding of the world of children’s literature. I wish I could work with her on all my books!
Kate Forsyth

Cat Clarke

Cat Clarke

Cat is the author of YA novels Entangled, Torn, Undone and A Kiss in the Dark (Quercus).

She was Senior Commissioning Editor for Non Fiction at Scholastic Children’s Books, working on Terry Deary’s best-selling Horrible Histories and developing and commissioning several new stories including My True Story.

Previously, she spent five years at Usborne Publishing, writing and editing books for 4 - 10 year-olds.


Having published over 200 books in 35 years I have worked with dozens of editors - the best and the worst. Cat Clarke is undoubtedly one of the very best. She is perceptive, honest and dedicated with a wonderful sense of humour and a caring nature. I can think of no one to whom I'd rather entrust a script for a candid and sensitive verdict.
Terry Deary

Cat Clarke has the key vital skills of the very best editors: objective and thoughtful analysis of the text, allied with sympathy for the writer. As the writer of 70 published books, and one who has worked with very many editors, I should know. It was my pleasure to have Cat as my editor for "Standing Alone", my latest book for Scholastic. Cat was a delight to work with, and creative and inspirational in her notes on my work. I would not hesitate to recommend her skills as an editor to any writer, new or experienced.
Jim Elridge