Frequently asked questions

These are some of the questions we’ve come across over the years – but if your question isn’t answered here, do get in touch!

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Can you publish my book?

We can’t publish your book, as we are not a publishing house – but we can help you to write the best book you can, and we can give you feedback on your synopsis and query letter. This in turn helps you to find an agent – which should help you find a publisher!

Why do I need an agent?

Agents are invaluable, in our opinion. Most publishers won’t look at manuscripts unless they come via an agent. And in the happy event of getting an offer, your agent will negotiate hard to get you the best deal. They often offer brilliant editorial advice and support and keep you motivated when the writing isn’t going well.

We wouldn’t be published authors without our agents!

Are you literary agents?

We’re not – we are editors and writers. But we are in touch with a large network of excellent agents, and when we work on a manuscript with lots of potential, we put writers in touch with agents. Several of our customers last year signed with agents after we recommended them.

What is an agent query letter?

It’s a bit like the covering letter you might send with a CV when you go for a job – this letter introduces yourself and your book, and gives prospective agents a sense of the kind of writer you are (or want to be).

It’s an important part of the package when you send your book out to agents.

Why not visit our services page to see how we can help.

Do you accept picture books?

We don’t, but the lovely people at Blue Elephant Story Shaping can help if you want feedback on a picture book text.

I’m really nervous about sending you my manuscript. How does the process work?

We promise it will be painless (and might even be fun)! Firstly, contact us to book in your manuscript and explain a little about your material.

Once you’ve decided which of our services you want (this varies, depending on how long your book is), you post the manuscript through and then sit back and wait.

After a few weeks you will receive your feedback via email.

Don’t worry, we know exactly how it feels to share your precious novel. It IS scary. But we work hard to make sure you get loads of useful pointers and feedback, and go back to your manuscript feeling encouraged and excited about continuing.